Cocktail Workshops in Singapore

Ever wanted to be a bartender but not know where to start? Or want to impress your friends at your next house party with your bartending skills? Look no further! Drinkdings offers Cocktail Workshops in Singapore.

For our up and coming cocktail workshops, do check out the dates below and secure your seats immediately. You will surely be having lots of fun making your own cocktails under our skilled trainers!

For more details, download our flyer.

Drinkdings offers a range of 2-hour hands-on Cocktail Workshops Singapore for the consumer. We teach you right from the basics, with minimal jargon, so that you can really learn and have fun along the way. Ask any student of ours – each class is FUN, FUN, FUN! Perfect for a lazy afternoon with friends.

Drinkdings also conducts cocktail teambuilding workshops to forge team bonding through the art of the bar…a no-brainer, this alcohol-infused workshop sure loosens the team up like no other! Of course, we also do a mocktail teambuilding workshop for those who prefer not to mix work with play!

Choose what kind of workshop you would like to attend from the ones below, or drop us a message here for a customised workshop and quotation. We cater for groups as small as 6 to groups as large as 100, at your home, your office, a restaurant – you choose!

Regular Workshops

Basic Bartending Workshop (alcoholic, for those who are of legal drinking age)
Learn 3 basic steps in making a cocktail. From the well-loved Perfect Martini to the refreshing and popular Mojito, you will learn how to stir, shake and muddle your way to becoming a great party host!

International Mocktail Workshop (non-alcoholic, suitable for children)
For those averse to alcohol, we have a healthier non-alcoholic version - the mocktail workshop for beginners. Know what is the difference between a Pussyfoot, a virgin drink and order confidently from the bar next time!

Cocktails from the Movies Workshop (alcoholic, for 18 years old and above)
Ever wanted to make the James Bond Drink or be like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City? Join us in this workshop where we share our tips and tricks in being a cocktail making star!

Love Potion Concoction Cocktail Workshop (alcoholic, for above 18s only)
February is the month of love, so Drinkdings holds workshops every February for the lovebirds and hopefuls out there to learn how to concoct their own perfect love potion with an alcoholic twist.

Parent-Child ‘No Danger’ Smoothie Workshop  (non-alcoholic, best for children, even better with parent) 
We teach children as young as 6 to mix their own delicious concoctions in the kitchen. Using child-safe equipment and everyday fruits and juices, your child will be able to learn to mix his own drinks without using a blender or injuring himself. A fun bonding time for both parents and kids. This workshop is a hit with children at birthday parties.

Cocktail Party Punch March Workshop
Why wait for a special occasion to throw a party? With these delicious Punch recipes, you'll be looking for reasons to celebrate!

BBQ Bash Cocktail Workshop
As the heat sets in this May and rainclouds are nowhere in sight, move your party outdoors with a BBQ Bash accompanied by these alcoholic wonders!

Bubbly Cocktails Workshop
Plan a swanky soirée, a bachelorette party or a ladies' night out and GLAM it up with these bubbly 
champagne cocktails!

Summer Sling June Workshop
It's that time of year again: the Sun is up in its full glory and the June heat brings in waves of mid-year fun!

Singapore Sling Workshops (alcoholic, for above 18s only)
Celebrate National Day by learning how to make our iconic Singapore Sling and some variations of this internationally-renowned drink. Held in August every year…Sling your way home, truly!

Halloween Spirit Cocktail Workshop (non-alcoholic, suitable for children)
For those averse to alcohol, we have a healthier non-alcoholic version - the mocktail workshop for beginners. Know what is the difference between a Pussyfoot, a virgin drink and order confidently from the bar next time!

Christmas Cocktail Workshop (alcoholic, for party revellers!)
Having a Christmas party and not know where to start?  Learn how to make 3 truly Christmas cocktails to welcome in the season of festive cheer! 

Customised Workshops

Advanced Bartender Workshop (alcoholic, only for those not less than 18 years of earthly existence)
Learn more advanced cocktail making skills and add to your repertoire of drinks for your guests.  In this class we teach you how to make 5 international cocktails, so know what you’re drinking at the bar the next time.

Cocktail Teambuilding Workshops
Drinkdings has conducted cocktail workshops of various categories for many teams around the island. From The Monetary Authority of Singapore to Accenture, Amex, Barclays, P&G, our corporate clients definitely had a great teambuilding experience with us! Contact us for a customised workshop with cocktail teambuilding games for your team.

Mocktail Teambuilding Workshops
Drinkdings also provides a teetotaller version of our popular interactive drinks making workshop.

Signature Cocktail Teambuilding Workshops

Have a company function to celebrate or occasion to commemorate? Do it in style with an event signature cocktail!  Let Drinkdings customise a cocktail for your company or brand and create a lasting impression!

If you are looking for a special customised workshop for your organisation or private party, please fill up the enquiry form and we will get back to you soonest! For more information, drop us a message here!